“The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has officially introduced a 10% tax on lottery winners”

The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has declared the enforcement of a 10% tax on lottery winnings. This development marks a significant fiscal measure as the GRA seeks to enhance revenue collection in the country. Lotto winners will now be subject to a 10% deduction from their winnings, reflecting the government’s effort to bolster its financial […]

“A woman from Ghana endeavors to set a new Guinness record for the lengthiest singing marathon.”

In a spirited pursuit, a Ghanaian woman is determined to etch her name into the annals of history by attempting to establish a groundbreaking record in the Guinness World Records. This intrepid individual is undertaking the formidable challenge of embarking on the longest singing marathon, a feat that demands unwavering dedication and a formidable vocal […]